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This site is designed and developed by Charmaine M. Taylor as part of an MSc dissertation at Glasgow Caledonian University, Computer Studies Department at Glasgow, Scotland.

The purpose of this site is to assist web designers and developers in producing a web site that will be accessible to all users, including those with sight and mobility impairments. It is being developed to provide web designers with a one-stop-search to provide information for the production of web sites that are accessible to everyone.

Numerous web sites that are trying to help web designers provide accessible web content are linked to this site in an attempt to make the search for such information an easier task.


British Computer Society Disability Group
The BCS Disability Group focuses on the role of IT in giving disabled people a better quality of life. Aims include: encouraging the computer industry to consider the needs of disabled people at the design stage; identifying and correcting shortfalls in the provision of equipment; offering a forum to stimulate new IT developments in this field. The Group publishes a quarterly magazine, organises meetings and conferences and is setting up a local support network for disabled people


This is a newly launched site created and maintained by two very talented blind people, John Miller and Sue Willliams. vip-highstreet.com is just what 8 million internet users have been waiting for. The site offers a blind-consumers’ guide to online shopping and they are not shy about stating what sites are good and not good for blind users.